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3Bricks is an established renowned company in interior renovation and design serving both commercial...

Anplusal November 20, 2021

The Leveragers

The Leveragers is a that mainly focuses on advertising and online marketing by leverage...

Anplusal January 2, 2021

Nozomi Fintech

Nozomi, which means “hope” in the Japanese language. Nozomi Fintech Sdn Bhd is a...

Anplusal November 5, 2020

Mr Oni

Mr Oni is a company that specializes in making and selling Japanese rice balls...

Anplusal August 28, 2020

Floor Up

Floor Up is a flooring solutions company based in Malaysia, a supplier for wooden...

Anplusal May 14, 2020

Dragon Co

Dragon Co. curating a deep sense of belonging with Xiang’s authentic local cuisine from...

Anplusal March 2, 2020


Melodia String is a retail shop of stringed instruments based in the southern region...

Anplusal September 5, 2019

FS ForeSight

ForeSight is an online eyewear retail shop based in Malaysia. To enhance the uniqueness...

Anplusal August 18, 2019